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DD Fuego

"Find Your Fuego" Coloring/Activity Storybook

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What is your Fuego?

What even is Drag?

Let fabulous drag artist DD Fuego take you on a journey full of dazzling coloring pages and interactive activities about self-discovery and creativity. Bring this story to life with your uniqueness, play along, and let your Fuego shine.

Find Your Fuego: Color Your World With Drag is a coloring and activity book sharing the story of drag queen DD Fuego as she uses her creativity to become her most fabulous self. Through each interactive page, the reader can learn about performance, fashion, makeup, wigs, drag history, and how they can use these tools at any age so they too can find their Fuego.

This book includes fun activities for all ages and touches on subjects of gender identity and self expression, which can help teach a new generation of children (and adults alike) that creativity has no gender and drag is for everyone.  

Product Details

60 Pages
Dimensions: 8.5" by 11"
Written and Illustrated by Daniel Dabdoub, a.k.a. DD Fuego
Independently Published by DD Fuego LLC
Printed Sustainably in the United States by Mixam Inc.
Coloring tools not included.